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Tree of Life – Whole Breath of Creation, Toroidal field

Recent discovery of water exploration in our drinking (Bio-scalar) water in EESystem by using NZ Water Researcher, Veda Austin‘s method.

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Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

A world renowned expert in Scalar Energy and Applied integrative Bio-physicist Dr. Sandra Rose Michael has been working more than 4 decades to advocate holistic healing. She first developed Scalar Healing Light Chamber in 1978 and done extensive research since then. She had worked on the Med Bed technology in Space programs and acquainted with many top scientists and doctors who had verified her Award-winning, cutting-edge EESystem™ technology. She lectured in prestigious Universities and numerous medical schools worldwide. She has also been knighted for her humanatarian service in bringing positive change to the world in her lifework. Apart from her astounding scientific and professional achievement, she is also an Energy Healer and is deeply spiritual in her approach to life.

According to Dr. Michael, the core of our bio-photonic DNA is made of stardust/ star seeds/ light within our body. We are literally Beings of Light. As a result of exposing to this high-tech bio-active scalar wave energy, it restores the memory of our infinite potential by re-generating our cells and DNA. The EESystem also helps to eliminate heavy metals, carcinogens, radiation, and isotopes (misbalanced atoms) in the body. After initial elimination process, the scalar frequency waves then repair broken DNA and lengthen the telomeres (which reverse the aging process). The system intentionally designed to multiple functions: to activate, assimilate the 12 strands DNA, 12 chakras system and the latent ability of DNA, contains stem cells treatment, dolphins & whales frequency, rainforest frequency, Fibonacci ratio & golden mean which all interface with DNA through cellular replication.

This high-tech Photonic Bio-Scalar technology uses the power made by the body (i.e. cosmic light/cosmic consciousness/5D energies) to allow the body to heal itself. The generation of a bio-scalar, zero-point energy field* is where cell regeneration occurs.

All living things are connected in a Unified, morphogenetic field where everything is affecting everything, thus is called ‘Quantum entanglement’. When we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. When we lift our vibration & frequency, we lift others around us. What happen to the Earth affects the whole multiverse. It’s time to awaken our Truth and realize the importance of each one of us in this fabric of reality. We are part of Oneness.

Please watch these videos before you come for a session.

The technology is backed by extensive ongoing quantifiable, evidenced-based clinical proven research. Find out more by click on:

Please watch these videos before you come for a session.

“We are made of stardust, starseeds (light).”

“The power that made the body, heals the body.”

— Dr. Sandra Rose Michael

* Zero-point energy field has been identified and studied by many scientists from the mid 19th century forward, including the famous Nicola Tesla in the early 20th century. The field protects one from harmful ELF, EMF, 5G, radiation, etc by maintaining resonance.

How does it work? Body battery charger

Zero-point energy field generates self-healing and bio-coherence

The Bio-scalar generators and monitors are positioned opposite to each other precisely aligned to collapse, collide electromagnetic fields and photons in the center of the room, creating a vortex. The collision of fields create implosion while releasing of charge that charge our cells battery, mobilizing stem cells. This configuration creates the most stable torsion / toroidal fields. The photonic light pulsating from the monitors colliding into a standing wave (superposition of two travelling waves of the same frequency with the same polarization and the same amplitude, travelling in opposite directions). The additional emitted frequencies include the earth’s magnetic frequency of 7-9 hertz (Schumann Resonance), the rainforest frequency of 13-14 hertz creating an optimal environment for self-healing/restoration, dolphin/whales frequency, PEMF (Bemer) frequency etc. Dr. Michael created this dense intentional information field (containing 12 strands of DNA blueprint), designed to interface/communicate with the body cells and its DNA to activate cellular quantum level regeneration and restoration. The collapsed frequencies create freestanding longitudinal scalar field waves or scalar vortex known as a zero-point energy field.

Some of the Powerful Benefits:

  • Cellular reversal, nullify negative man-made frequencies, blockages, and toxins.
  • Increase mitochondrial function 400-500%, which drive all the cells.

  • 28% reduction surface tension of water = 200% increase in cell hydration.

  • Increased Left Right brain balancing and electrical activities in brain.

  • Alleviate pain, stress, depression, and jet lag.
  • Regenerate energy fields exponentially.
  • Quantum leaps of consciousness.
  • Regenerate, and activate 12 strands DNA divine matrix.
  • En-‘light’ moment to the highest potential.
  • Maximise cell nutrient uptake and cellular detoxification.

  • Effects are cumulative, all levels of Being are amplified.

  • Reversed aging by lengthening telomeres.

  • Increase in happiness, mood, well-being, grounding and increase power to manifest.

  • Feed the planet grids to collectively raise the vibration.
  • Excellerate Evolution, bridging spirituality and technology.

HOW EES WORKS – More detailed version

Carol explains how EESystem works in a more detailed version, based on Jason Shurka & Dr. Michael’s info.

Evidence of EESystem™

Clinical Proven Researches:

*Some Testimonials and findings from Dr. Michael based on 4 -8 units systems:

Case on Autism/Seizure Disorder Study:  Vaccine damaged girl wtih 8-10 grand mal seizures per day.  First siezure free day after THIRD one hour session in EESystem.

By John A. Burns Medical School – Dr. Rosanne Harrigan, Chair, University of Hawaii & Terry Shintani, M.D., JD. MPH

Digital Infared Thermal on bronchitis patient, Imaging Before and after 1 Hour in 8 Unit EESystem from QHM Labs Sedona, AZ

132 Clinical Results by Oncologist Victor Marcial-Vega, MD: 85%-90% experienced stress reduction, easier meditation, better sleep and increased learning. Healing from trauma, diabetes, cataracts and blindness. Some reported complete healing of chronic conidtions after only half an hour. Patients felt a deep sense of love, relaxation, expanded awareness, tingling, increased libido, clarity and energy improvement.

“Although the most consistently profound I have seen has been the extraordinary rapid post-surgical healing, I have also had many people no longer need their anti-depressants after their first session in the EESystem. Results have been quite frankly miraculous.”

By Dr. James DeBoer, Wellness Institute, Palm Desert, California

Before and After EESystem- Improved blood profiles in terms of oxygenation and circulation

Before and After EESystem session- Strengthened the Bio-energy field

Before and After EESystem session-Strengthened, enhanced the Bio-photons emitting from finger tips

Decreased inflammation and paralysis/ Parksinson’s Regained Function in 2 hours in a 4 unit EESystem, North Carolina (Thermography)

*The testimonials/evidences/findings are not (medical) claims but personal experiences and findings of individuals.
* Disclaimer: We do not make any claims or offer any diagnosis/medical/technical advise. Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) is not a medical device but a system that generates hyper-healthy field for the body to heal itself.

Everyone’s experience is different, no one session is the same but it has been clinically studied and witnessed many cases which considered to be ‘miracles’ with some of the benefits listed above.*

Results may vary on individual basis. Information and statements made on the webpage are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Energy Enhancement System (EESystem)/Energy Medicine NZ are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.

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The practitioner or the centre is not responsible for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms.
The practitioner or the centre accepts no responsibility for the client once they leave the treatment rooms.
All information provided by the client will be strictly kept confidential.
When you booked the EESystem session, it indicated you understand and accept the disclaimer by taking responsibility of your decision in healing and own well-being.