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Carol Bird

Languages: English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin/ beginner Japanese.

Hi, welcome to my healing space.  

I was born in Hong Kong to a Chinese, Shanghainese family and we moved to New Zealand when I was 18 years old. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Commerce from University of Auckland and had worked in small, medium to big corporate businesses in Hong Kong and Auckland.

I started my spiritual awakening when I was about 27 years old, going through my first Dark Night of the Soul. It has put me on a gradual path of self-discovery, mysticism and spiritual connection, especially after the birth of my daughter in my 30s. My daughter has become a huge motivator for me to search for higher knowledge, and higher purpose through the understanding and practice of Yogic science. Over time, it got me into comparing different schooling systems and eventually I was drawn to Rudolf Steiner’s phenomenal work when I was searching for the right school for my daughter. It inspired me to write a paper to link between Yoga and Anthroposophy.

I completed a Diploma in Yoga teaching, Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga from Andhra University in India while my 4 years old daughter and I stayed there for nearly 2 years under the assistance of the Yoga Consciousness Trust led by Guruji Sri Raparthi Rama Rao from Guru Parampara. I taught Yoga and Meditation to children and women in India during 2009-2011 and decided to move back to New Zealand for my daughter’s primary education.

I continued to teach Yoga & Meditation in Auckland since 2013 and later went back to work in office jobs after I re-married to a Kiwi. I spent my leisure time studying and researching on different Healing modalities but amongst all, I was inspired to be an Auric Magnetic Healer after reading a Kiwi Healer, Colin Lambert’s book “You Too can Heal”.

I then completed the training from the Magnetic Healers Unlimited (MHU) which Colin has founded and met two incredible teachers who carried on his legacy. From this healing method, I got activated to channel higher frequency (5D Harmonic and Love) and Code activating Galactic frequencies to remove blockages which usually caused by mental emotional dis-ease in this lifetime, other lifetimes or ancestral. The healing frequency restores and uplifts the vibration of the cellular structure of the body, which then integrated into the auric fields. Usually people can feel the difference after the first session, resulting in a raised vibration and elimination of symptoms. However, the 3 sessions package is the most popular because the first session is to clear the surface layers of energy fields and the second session goes into deeper healing of major traumas from the root causes. The third session will continue and integrate from the second session which results in a bigger breakthrough such as enhanced awareness, physical lightness, mental clarity and emotional calmness.

Since I started practising healings on others, my spiritual journey accelerated rapidly (at quantum level) and was pulling me towards fulfilling my soul purpose in full time Energy Healing and assisting in the planetary Ascension by uplifting others vibrationally, especially Starseeds, Indigos, children and those who are going through the Light Body Activation (accompanied by Ascension symptoms) and Awakening process. Recently, I have also been trained in Akashic Records Access and Understanding Galactic Origins in order to add values to the sessions.

” Remembering you are a spiritual being. Remembering who you are and this precious gift. This opportunity, that we have for our soul to be in this place, at this time. And let‘s remember that the highest mission of all of every soul, is to be a being of Light and Love.”

— from Masters of the Light

” Base our planet on compassion and love rather than fear and lack. “

— from Masters of the Light


Auric Magnetic Healing 

Member of Magnetic Healers Unlimited 1998

Healers Unlimited

Certified Yoga teacher 2011
Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga in India

Yoga Consciousness Trust
Download Carol’s research paper on “Anthroposophy of Yoga, 2014”

Carol was invited to speak at the International Yoga Day 2021 on 24-25th June

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Carol on East FM Radio- 26 Nov 2021

Carol Bird

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