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Carol Bird

Languages: English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin/ beginner Japanese.

Hi, welcome to my healing space…

My incarnation in this life staged in Hong Kong, born to a Chinese, Shanghainese family and we moved to New Zealand when I was 18 years old. Raised in Catholic schools and graduated with a Master’s Degree in Commerce from University of Auckland, I worked in all sorts of businesses from family business to corporations. I was trying very hard to fit in society and expectations, I always find it hard to work in a normal job but I did my best because I also enjoyed materialistic life. In my leisure time, I find myself lingering in New Age Bookstore in search for spiritual subjects, channeled messages and higher knowledge.

I started my spiritual awakening when I was about 27 years old, going through my first Dark Night of the Soul. After the birth of my daughter in my 30s, I was put on a gradual but radical path of self-discovery, exploring different religions, mysticism and spiritual connection. I went through separation with my first husband who I have known since Age 19. During the awakening, I was really into Yoga & Meditation and practiced rigorously for a few years and continue to do so over time with less intensity.

My daughter has become a huge motivator for me to search for higher knowledge, and higher purpose. I completed a Diploma in Yoga teaching, Post-graduate Diploma in Yoga from Andhra University in India while my 4 years old daughter and I stayed there for nearly 2 years under the assistance of the Yoga Consciousness Trust led by Guruji Sri Raparthi Rama Rao from Guru Parampara. I taught Yoga and Meditation to children and women in India during 2009-2011.

When my daughter was turning 5, I was comparing different schooling systems and eventually drawn to Rudolf Steiner’s phenomenal work. By 2012, I decided to move back to New Zealand for my daughter’s primary education. The exploration in Steiner’s work inspired me to write a paper to the missing link between Yoga and Anthroposophy (I am no where an academic!).


I continued to teach Yoga & Meditation in Auckland on and off since 2013 and later went back to work in office jobs after I re-married to a Kiwi, Mr. Bird and bought a house. I was still finding my path. I spent my leisure time studying and researching on different Healing modalities, spiritual disciplines. One day through synchronicity, I came across a book written by late Kiwi Energy Healer in Waihi, Colin Lambert “You Too can Heal” (not the same as Louise Hay’s book), his method sounds so simple but speaks right to my soul and I was determined to be an Auric Magnetic Healer. Then things starting to line up very very quickly.

During training by the amazing teachers from Colin’s Magnetic Healers Unlimited, I got activated! After practicing for about 1 year after the training, I started to channel higher frequency (5D Harmonic and Love) and Fire Codes activating Galactic frequencies. This came to me telepathically. The galactic energies literally takes over my hands to form symbols codes/movement/gesture/geometries/ wiring and I don’t always know what they mean. I was also drawn to work with the Arcturians on planetary healing, before that I was using Violet Flames taught by Elizabeth Clare Prophet for many years . As part of planetary healing, I was told that I am to help preparing ‘bodies’ for ascension. I have no idea what that involves at the time. Everything was happening so quick!

The word ‘Kee Ra ShA‘ came to me when I channeled my own star name, I was surprised to find that such word actually existed in Guardian Alliance’s Freedom Teachings and from other similar source. It stands for 3 Primal Creation Frequencies (i.e. Life Force energy) anchors the 12th Dimensional process of cellular transmutation in the human biology. As my healing work evolves from more gained knowledge, study from ascension, interstellar communications, galactic astrology and practical experiences through soul remembrance, I integrated other modalities which I felt resonated in my healing and call it-

Kee Ra ShA Quantum 5D Healing.

I am also a mentor at Starseeds Wisdom NZ where I support teaching kids in learning about Soul Colour & Aura, How to do Energy Healing Level 1 and Level 2. I have been teaching small groups of children privately in the past 4 years running Cosmic Kids classes in school terms.

” Remembering you are a spiritual being. Remembering who you are and this precious gift. This opportunity, that we have for our soul to be in this place, at this time. And let‘s remember that the highest mission of all of every soul, is to be a being of Light and Love.”

— from Masters of the Light

I am as limitless as I choose to be
My thoughts are my creations
As I release my angers, fears & conditionings
Take full responsibility for my own
Thoughts, words & deeds
Realize my own potentials
Feel my uniqueness
My essences…my Love…My Very Being and
Oneness with all Creation
— Beautiful poem written by a dear friend, Betty S.

Auric Magnetic Healing 

Magnetic Healers Unlimited 1998

Certified Yoga teacher 2011
Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga in India

Download Carol’s research paper on “Anthroposophy of Yoga, 2014”

Carol was invited to speak at the International Yoga Day 2021 on 24-25th June

Carol on East FM Radio- 26 Nov 2021

Carol Bird

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