Session & Pricing

16 units Energy Enhancement System

Photonic Fusion Bio-Scalar Technology

Pricing & Packages :

The EESystem offered by Energy Medicine NZ (Chris and Carol) is a private Membership service. There is a one-off membership fee $20 (per family) to join and to start booking sessions. Please go to the Membership Application page to apply.

We suggest 2 hours as a minimum time for the body cells to recharge effectively just like having a power nap, meditation or deep relaxation, helping to reach alpha, delta, theta brainwaves to accelerate the healing process.

We are open on Tuesday to Saturday for two hours sessions. Our times are 10am-12pm, 1-3pm, 4-6pm. Sunday and Monday are closed. These schedules can be changed due to school holiday/circumstances. You will see the most updated schedule in the online booking system.

Overnight sessions (8 or 9pm-8am) are available on Tuesday to Saturday.

Any age can expose to this healing bio-scalar waves field without any negative side-effects, but we recommend Age 12 and above for practical reason in our setting.

We do not yet offer animal/pets sessions.

Dr. Michael explained how the charge from EES tested six months or ten years later and it is still strong if not stronger than initial body electric charge.

Dr. Michael explained the clinical test of Electric cell charge after six months or ten years later that it is still strong, if not stronger than the original uncharged state. Therefore, this charge is cumulative. Below image showed Chakra re- alignment before and after 1 hour in EESystem 4-8 Units.

How far apart between sessions? How many sessions I need?

Similar to a typical Energy Healing session, ideally 1-2 days between sessions is enough to allow the body to assimilate and integrate. It is highly important to have detox after each session. Detox details are below on’ ‘What to Expect after the Session’.

A standard session is of 2 hours for deeper healing results and efficient recharge. The energy is cumulative so a minimum of 2 hours and do it regularly for a period of time to get the momentum going would be effective to see positive changes in body, mind, spirit.

If you want to have multiple sessions in one week, take 1-2 days break before you have another session again. This ensures your body has enough time to assimilate. For a minimum of 2 hours per session, you can have as much as 2 to 3 times a week if you want to shift energies fast or have any chronic diseases/ailments.

Overnight sessions are very beneficial and cost effective if you have any major health problems to get the body recharge in order to start healing fast. It also depends how your body responds, everyone is different, so you got to watch how your body reacts to the healing. Some people take 3-10 days to feel any results, some might just take overnight or even immediately after the session. Some couldn’t feel much but actually it is working on subtle level that they might realize later they have more energy, becoming clear minded and feeling calmer.

If you have no major health issues, you can try once a week for 3 weeks (i.e., 3 sessions package) and see how happens after that, then come back again when you felt you needed.

If you have any chronic health situation, a minimum 20 hours (2 hours x 10 sessions) would be a good start along with lifestyle change, diet/ nutrition/ superfood supplement, gentle exercises, breathwork/deep breathing, heart-brain coherence technique or other therapies complementary to speedy recovery. You might find the overnight option (12 hours) from 8 or 9pm to 8am can assist with faster recovery.

The sessions in the packages are transferrable within your registered family members/partner.

  • Preparation

  • Light diet, drink lots of spring/ mineralized water (can put in Mineral drops/liquid colloidal minerals/ ionic minerals) at least 24 hours before the session.

  • No scents or perfume as this might affect others in the room.

  • Wear light, loose breathable clothing preferably natural fabric such as cotton.
  • You will be asked to remove metal objects, watch and shoes. (It is ok to have metal in the body).
    You can bring your crystals.
  • (Optional) Bring your own towel, water bottle & blanket . You can also bring sunglasses/eye mask, ear plugs (sensitive to sound!) and socks.
    Drinking water and blankets will be provided.

  • Be sure you are not hungry but not too full as you will be lying down and relaxing.
  • No usage of mobile phone or devices are allowed in the session for the benefit of the healing.

  • Please arrive 10 mins prior to the first appointment and 5 mins in subsequent sessions to check in with the host.

  • What do you expect to feel during the session:

People have commented that they are surprised how their brain shuts off and how they feel deeply relaxed within minutes. Some people say they can feel subtle tingly sensation. General comments after sessions are feeling energized, improved sleep and simply feeling lifted energy for the week to tackle anything.
There are no side effects as this is ‘good & optimal’ energy that helping body cells to re-charge, rejuvenate. You can never have too much good energy. The effects of sitting in bio-scalar energy are cumulative. The deeper you relax and BE OPEN (to what will happen), the more profound the results. Every session is different, you might be able to feel energy stronger, including your own energy and others over time because it opens your energy channels.
  • You can drink water at any time. It is expected that everyone observes the rules of silence during the session with eyes closed, just like having a power nap, meditation or in deep relaxation. Extra blankets, cushions are available.

  • Mobile phones or devices are not permitted in the room during the session. They must be in silent mode and put aside in the secure storage area in reception.

  • Apart from the light emitting from the EESystem, we have a Salt lamp Light/Dim Light on. Soft, relaxing music playing in the background.

  • What do you expect to feel after the session:

  • Detoxification or post-healing effects can be experienced as tiredness, diarrhea, and headaches but everyone’s reaction will be different. This is a process of eliminating toxins in the body and energetic blockages. Knowing that this will pass quickly because you are going through an upgrade!

    We recommend the use of alternative therapies to assist with detox. Extra support such as naturopathy, homeopathy, ayurvedic, aromatherapy, EFT tapping, massage, affirmations, releasing emotional built up by grounding, shaking it off, listening to Solfeggio frequency music, etc. Holistic approach is highly recommended.

    If symptoms persist or get worse, please contact the host/practitioner.

  • Listen to the body, especially when sleep or rest is needed to re-calibrate and recharge.

  • Continue with a clean, light alkaline diet (ideally 80% alkaline, 20% acidic)and drink plenty of clean mineralized water. Use muscle testing / Higher Self connection to find out what’s the best food, drink, supplement for you on day to day basis because body changes and its needs change.

  • Take moderate probiotics, fermented food & beverages to maintain gut health. Again use muscle testing /Higher self to check.

  • It is advised to have a hot bath with 2 cups of Himalayan /Sea Salt (not Epsom Salt), 2 cups of aluminum free baking soda, 1 cup of pure borax and quality essential oil of your choice (e.g. lavender) to assist cells detoxification process. You can even put programmed Crystals in the bath.
    If taking a bath is not an option, do a hot foot bath with half to 1 cup of Himalayan Salt for a 20 mins soak. If foot bath is not possible, take a shower by rubbing Himalayan salt on body & rinse to cleanse the energy and visualize toxic energy flushed away by the shower. Alternatively, if you have access to Detox Foot Spa such as Biocleanse/Biopulse/ Ionic Foot Spa, it would be a great alternative to the Salt Bath. You can also explore infrared sauna to help detox.

    More options on
    salt bath recipes by Dr. Sandra Michael, click here

  • You can download the document under ‘Ascension Support‘ on the website to read about “How to maintain High Vibration” where I shared my personal experience/tips.
  • You can purchase EES Medallion™(Pendant which creates a 5-foot cocoon around the body) and EE bracelet™(which helps nullify toxin in blood streams). These crystal jewellery are permanently hyper-charged in Dr. Sandra Michael’s quantum facility to create superconductive scalar effects. It helps to maintain cell integrity and create a buffer to environment by nullifying electro pollution/radiation. The EES Medallions are highly functional and effective (tested by Bio-Well Technology, measuring the bio-fields). In many cases, it has been reported that people go through cellular detox as a result of wearing the Medallions/bracelets.

    By wearing these jewellery, your bio-field is optimized, energized and harmonized by the scalar enhanced products.

    You can purchase EE Medallions™ and EE bracelets™ at the reception area of our center with limited stock.

    Or shop EE products from USA on official website:

Disclaimer: Results from EES sessions may vary on individual basis. Information and statements made on the webpage are for education purposes and are not intended to replace the advice of your doctor. Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) does not dispense medical advice, prescribe, treat, cure, prevent, or diagnose illness. The views and nutritional advice expressed by Energy Enhancement System (EESystem) are not intended to be a substitute for conventional medical service. If you have a severe medical condition or health concern, see your physician.
The practitioner or the centre that provides the EESystem service has no guarantee of the results from treatment.
The practitioner or the centre is not responsible for the relief or lack of relief of symptoms.
The practitioner or the centre accepts no responsibility for the client once they leave the treatment rooms.
All information provided by the client will be strictly kept confidential.
When you booked the EESystem session, it indicated you understand and accept the disclaimer by taking responsibility of your decision in healing and own well-being.

2 Hours -Standard

  • Per person
  • 2 hours ($65/hr)

3 sessions x 2 hours Package

  • 6 hours ($58/hr)
  • Save $40

5 sessions x 2 hours Package

  • 10 hours ($55/hr)
  • Save $100

10 sessions x 2 hours Package

  • 20 hours ($50/hr)
  • Save $300

Overnight * - 8 or 9pm to 8am

  • Per person
  • 11-12 hours ($28/hr)
  • Private session
  • Tue to Sat

REMOTE EES SESSIONS is available upon request. Please contact

If you are part of PHA-NZ (The People’s Health Alliance NZ), you will get a discount for your bookings except the Overnight session. Please take a screenshot of your name in the member list on the PHA Telegram, write a brief explanation about your experience with PHA NZ (e.g. which practitioner(s) and what you are actively involve with) and email to to get a discount code after you applied the Membership.

If you are a practitioner and you are part of PHA-NZ, your membership fee is waived because we welcome you as part of the support network in this community. Please fill in the membership form providing your credentials/website/ info. You will get the PHA-NZ discount for your bookings except Overnight session.

No Refund once the booking is confirmed but you can have a registered family member on your Membership to replace you. Booking cancellation or postpone will require 48 hours’ notice.

Energy Medicine NZ / Carol Bird reserves the right to adjust schedule and pricing at any time.