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Carol Bird

Languages: English/ Cantonese/ Mandarin/ beginner Japanese.

Carol has taught yoga and meditation to children and women in India during 2009-2011 and in Auckland since 2013. Walking on the ascension path and opening herself to work with 5D higher frequency energy (of Divine Harmonic Love and Light), she was inspired to be an Auric Magnetic Healer. Carol channels higher frequencies in order to restore, transmute and uplift the vibration of the cellular structure of your body. Healing is then integrated into different levels as your consciousness expands from the raised vibration. The result will be greatly dependent on your spiritual evolution and how much physical, emotional and mental clearing needs to be done.

This healing method works with the electromagnetic field of the body and helps to reduce pain and migraines, balance hormones, aid fertility problems, clear physical/emotional/mental trauma, balance and energise your Auric field so that joy, health and well-being can be experienced.

” Remembering you are a spiritual being. Remembering who you are and this precious gift. This opportunity, that we have for our soul to be in this place, at this time. And let‘s remember that the highest mission of all of every soul, is to be a being of Light and Love.”

— from Masters of the Light

” Base our planet on compassion and love rather than fear and lack. “

— from Masters of the Light

Auric Magnetic Healing 

Member of Magnetic Healers Unlimited 1998

Healers Unlimited

Certified Yoga teacher 2011
Postgraduate Diploma in Yoga in India

Yoga Consciousness Trust
Download Carol’s research paper on “Anthroposophy of Yoga, 2014”

Carol was invited to speak at the International Yoga Day 2021 on 24-25th June 

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Download Carol’s presentation 24 June 2021

Distance Healing

For people who cannot come to the clinic or lives in overseas

We are all energy and interconnected through the universal web of life. Carol is trained to perform distance healing which has the same effect as in-person healing. All she needs is a person’s full name, physical address and email address. Then with an agreed date and time (according to time zone), she will start the healing session. Carol will connect energetically with the person who is open and ready to receive the frequency while lying down relaxingly or sitting comfortably without disturbance for an hour. Slight movement or drinking water is fine during the session. However, it is preferable for the person to remain still to fully experience the healing. Carol will then email the person her findings and is happy to communicate feedback by email, WhatsApp or phone (if locally in Auckland).

Healing with Children

Nowadays children are being heavily influenced through social media, peer pressure and expectations which is causing stress and anxiety in school, home and social environment. Auric Magnetic Healing can address and support these needs to enable the children to cope and handle the situation by being self-awared, centered and hormonized within.

Babies and young children are naturally high in resonance and are very receptive to the Auric Magnetic Healing frequencies. They can receive maximum benefits on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Changes in them occur much faster than in adults because they are more open and have less conditioning and emotional blockages in their systems. The tuning of the frequencies can help these young ones to be more settled in the new planetary vibration that we are going through.

Carol is a mother of a teenager and she is naturally in tune with children’s energies.

The first session takes 1 hour and follows up sessions afterwards takes 30 minutes.

Healing on Animals

At the moment Carol is offering healing on dogs for 30 minutes session. Please wash your dog before coming to the therapy room and the owner is allowed to be present during the session. Please bring a blanket for your dog to lie on. Water will be provided.

Bio-magnetic fields in human

Our bodies are electric and bio-magnetic. Each cell in the body carries information and memory. The body’s own internal magnetic fields are generated by the internal electrical activity that keeps our bodies alive and in constant communication. These biomagnetic fields interact with other magnetic fields on the planet and control our basic chemistry.

Wikipedia Definition of Energy Medicine

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