Auric Magnetic Healing

Changing the Vibrations of Cells

Auric magnetic healing is a non-touch method which channels high-frequency 5D Harmonic Love and Light via hands to draw out blockages and negative energies that are stored in the electromagnetic fields.

Carol uses her hands by scanning your auric field (about 5 cm away from your body) as an energy checker to find any injury and trauma areas in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

She will start the session by evaluating the dominant frequency/ vibration level of you being first. Then she uses the unique technique of clearing blood to find any blockages where a lot of physical problems start. After that, using higher frequency channelled from her hands to draw out blocks and inflammation from affected areas. She will repair these areas in your auric field and finish by balancing your chakras. As a result, many clients felt a sense of lightness, calmness and well-being after the first session while some pain or ache has been subsided or eliminated. The healing frequencies will last for 48 hours so the body will continue to reset or recalibrate.

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Balance Chakras to Promote Health

Balance Chakras to Promote Health

The 12 Chakra System

The human energy matrix includes aura and 12 chakra system. The aura is multi-layered, multi-dimensional bio-electric field.

We are spiritual beings having a human experience going through a critical phrase to transit into a higher frequency resonance. Traditionally we have always been focusing on the 7 chakras but the next human evolution involves activating the other chakras so that we can open up the gateway to connect with the divine consciousness in the 5D blueprint, hence increasing our resonance and ultimately developing unlimited potential.

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Distance Healing
Healing on Animals
Healing Children

Our Sessions

A full session takes 1 hour.

Children under Age 12 and animals takes 30 minutes.

Normally the effect can be felt after the first session (on some physical, emotional or mental levels) and this also depends on a person’s sensitivity. It is suggested to have a minimum of 3 sessions in succession (3-7 days apart) to see progress or experience a breakthrough. It also depends on how much to undo the levels of blockages and trauma. In case of broken bones, it will speed up the healing process half the time. After that, a tune-up or maintenance session can be discussed according to individual needs.
In general, all sessions involve evaluating the person’s vibration level, clearing & balancing the blockages & trauma (physical, emotional, mental levels), balancing the chakra systems (spiritual level) and sealing the auric field.
For those who are spiritually advanced on the path to transform to a Light Body, Carol will work on preparing the body and its different layers for the activation of the 12 chakra helix systems.
Sessions on the 3rd, 6th, 9th, etc. are found to be significantly powerful and transformative.

Children under 12

$70p/s afterwards
  • $120 First session
  • 1 hour for first session
  • 30 minutes for follow up sessions

Teens & Adults

$140per session
  • One hour session

3 x 1 hour Pack

$120per session
  • One hour session
  • *To be completed within 1 month from 1st session

Healing for Dog

$70per session
  • 30 minutes

Distance Healing

$140per session
  • One hour session
  • Including zoom meeting

Energy & Entity Clearing Pack

$140-250per session
  • Initial info gathering 10-15 minutes via phone call /video or zoom call/ email
  • Clearing will be done remotely by Carol
  • 15-30 minutes debrief on the results via phone/video call/ email

Discovering your Innate Gifts

$140per session
  • $140 for individual session
  • $120 for existing client

* The currency is in NZ Dollars.

Medical Disclaimer:   The healing service Carol provides is a complementary and integrative system to allopathic medical treatment.  It is not advisable to stop any medication or treatment diagnosed by your medical practitioner. Cure is not guaranteed from this service but there has been cases which symptoms have been diminished and subsided while well-being was felt as a result of healing on many levels.  By using this service, you are acknowledging that you understand and agree to this disclaimer, and that you take full responsibility for your own health decision and actions.
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