Healing sessions with Carol Bird

How does it work?

A standard session takes 1 hour, it can be in person or distance/remote healing.

Prior to the session, Carol will tap into the client’s energy field to evaluate the vibrational level, check if there is any clearing (virus, attachments or entities etc.) needed to be removed and what is the particular focus on the healing (physical, emotional, mental and/ or spiritual) for the session.

She will explain the findings in the beginning of the session.  The client will then lie down relaxed on the healing bed while Carol will be assessing the multiple layers of electromagnetic fields of energy that extend all around the physical body to find out the different layers of blockages. Sometimes they are the blockages created in the current lifetime, other times it could go back to the childhood, womb or other lifetimes or timelines.  This can link to clearing fears and emotional pain in the lower chakra centres.  The session will end with aligning the chakra systems, sealing the aura and installing the protection shield.

Distance Healing

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Healing children

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Healing animals

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Energy & Entity Clearing

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Discovering your Innate Gifts

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Stage of Ascension path

In some instances depending on the clients’ readiness and the Stage of Ascension path (such as Starseeds or Indigos are awakened to be initiated into kundalini activation during Ascension cycle), there will be Light body activation, transmission or/and higher chakras activation during the healing session.  The ascension is a shift in energetic spectrum of frequency patterns held in the human bio-energetic field,  it activates the higher DNA instruction set that catalyses transmutation and transformation of various patterns and thought programs held in the identity.  When spiritually activated these patterns through the higher frequency channelled in the session, the old identity patterns begin to shift, re-emerge and clear from layers of experiences encoded in the cell memory held as an energetic vibration within the physical body.

The biological ascension process have different stages. According to some literature, there are 12 stages of Light Body and each stage has significant symptoms and energetic signature.  This could manifest in physical, mental and emotional discomfort such as flu-like or other strange symptoms or spiritual crisis referred to as the Dark Night of the Soul.  The healing sessions will act as the support mechanism to clear out karmic patterns, miasma and shift energy patterns quicker so one can spiritually progress to new energies, grow new neural network and expand consciousness.  This is all new experience to us, because there are no guidelines nor anybody around us has done it before, it can be frightening or disorientating.  It could hinder the development of the process when the symptoms being mis-identified or treated as medical issues.  Hence this healing work is to assist in this process to educate, integrate and anchor systemic upgrades, building the liquid plasmas Light Body and reconnecting it to the original blueprint.

Distance Healing

For people who cannot come to the clinic or lives in overseas

We are all energy and interconnected through the universal web of life. Carol is trained to perform distance healing which has the same effect as in-person healing. All she needs is a person’s full name, physical address and email address. Then with an agreed date and time (according to time zone), she will start the healing session. Carol will connect energetically with the person who is open and ready to receive the frequency while lying down relaxingly or sitting comfortably without disturbance for an hour. Slight movement or drinking water is fine during the session. However, it is preferable for the person to remain still to fully experience the healing. Carol will then email the person her findings and is happy to communicate feedback by email, WhatsApp or phone (if locally in Auckland).

Healing with Children

Nowadays children are being heavily influenced through social media, peer pressure and expectations which is causing stress and anxiety in school, home and social environment. Auric Magnetic Healing can address and support these needs to enable the children to cope and handle the situation by being self-awared, centered and hormonized within.

Babies and young children are naturally high in resonance and are very receptive to the Auric Magnetic Healing frequencies. They can receive maximum benefits on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. Changes in them occur much faster than in adults because they are more open and have less conditioning and emotional blockages in their systems. The tuning of the frequencies can help these young ones to be more settled in the new planetary vibration that we are going through.

Carol is a mother of a teenager and she is naturally in tune with children’s energies.

The first session takes 1 hour and follows up sessions afterwards takes 30 minutes.

Healing on Animals

At the moment Carol is offering healing on dogs for 30 minutes session. Please wash your dog before coming to the therapy room and the owner is allowed to be present during the session. Please bring a blanket for your dog to lie on. Water will be provided.

Energy & Entity Clearing

I was trained by a Professional Energy Healer who has over 35 years of experience in healing and over 14 years in Energy & Entity Clearing.

Since our planet going through tremendous changes, the awakening of consciousness level in people has also triggered stronger dark entities and low vibration beings trying to stop people from growing spiritually and to influence them so that they will be caught in drama, fear, anger, resentment and helplessness, etc., spiralling in negative emotions and experiences. These beings feed on these negative energies to survive.

The Clearing package includes:
All the people living in the same property, the property itself or extension, pets, cars/vehicles.

Why the whole package?

When someone in your house has an entity in their energy field, everyone is affected on some level. Sometimes it is due to the left over negative energies in the property from previous people who lived there. Animals (pets) can pick up bad energies and being influenced by negative forces too. Clearing the vehicles seems to be essential as it is an integral part of your & family’s daily traveling space.

Initial info gathering: I will need the address of the property, the names of the people in the household,  number & type of pets and number & type of cars/vehicles.

The cost depends on the numbers of occupants /pets/cars on the property.

Advantges of Remote Clearing:

  • 1. To prevent entities trying to attach or attack me.
  • 2. To eliminate the chance for them to detect the clearing work and try to hide or escape during the session.
  • 3. Enable me to clear any place / property anywhere and to keep the fees very reasonable.
  • 4. You, your household members including pets can still carry on what you doing on the day without interruption when the Clearing happens.

How to maintain “clean” (energy) after the Clearing session?

  1. Protection technique is given by Carol at the session.
  2. Regular physical cleaning, dusting, de-cluttering. Keep fresh air flow and plenty of sunshine into the space.
  3. Use an essential oil diffuser with Sage essential oil for special clearing after visitors or after a social event.
  4. Burn beautiful incense or essential oil of your favourite smell and create a pleasant, spiritual, peaceful, relaxing environment.
  5. Burn Sage or Palo Santo ( if you are not sensitive to smoke!) by having an intention of cleansing the space or people. Use the smoke as a cleansing tool and wave around the aura of each family member (if they allow), edges and top of furniture, beds and don’t forget to go under the space of furniture and beds.
  6. Play Clearing negative energy frequency music or spiritual music or mantras to increase the vibration of the space. (Note: Music can be found on YouTube)
  7. Strategically placing programmed crystals and crystal grids around and in the property. (Note: You can find a specialist to do this for you, enquire from Carol)
  8. Use singing bowls and play it at each of the corners of each room and play in the middle of the room to break up old energies and reset to clear. (Note: you can Google or find on YouTube how to use the singing bowl)
  9. Consider putting indoor plants or/ flowers (if not allergic to) to enhance positive life force in the living space. Plants produce oxygen. Yes, breathe it in!
  1. Protection technique given by Carol at the session.
  2. Use protection / cleansing spray to spray on your aura and the room (enquire from Carol)
  3. Detox yourself in a Salt bath.
  4. Stay away from toxic people and places.
  5. Visualizing and imagining cleansing energy from the shower water when you are having a shower.
  6. Sage yourself, around your aura
  7. Maintain high vibration, a strong aura (please download “How to maintain high vibration” on the About Carol’s page)

Cats and dogs generally pick up their owners’ vibration so look after yourself first, they will be ok.  

Protection technique is given by Carol at the session. Renew it regularly while you are in the vehicle. 

Discovering your Innate Gifts

This includes 40 minutes of my part to work out your 2 pages Gifts report which consists of a list of more than 70 types of spiritual gifts under different categories to find out how gifted you are in each of them. This report not only helps you to know yourself better but also to steer you into developing the areas which you are gifted to fulfil your soul purpose and mission on Earth or just add to your tool box!  The report also includes a special Life Purpose message to guide your journey in fulfilling your purpose at this moment.

Followed by a 30 minutes debrief session on phone/video or zoom call. It can also be incorporated into an existing booked in-person healing session so you can enjoy an additional 30 minutes Gifts report debriefing session followed by a healing session altogether. 

Bio-magnetic fields in human

Our bodies are electric and bio-magnetic. Each cell in the body carries information and memory. The body’s own internal magnetic fields are generated by the internal electrical activity that keeps our bodies alive and in constant communication. These biomagnetic fields interact with other magnetic fields on the planet and control our basic chemistry.

Wikipedia Definition of Energy Medicine

Children under 12

$70p/s afterwards
  • $120 First session
  • 1 hour for first session
  • 30 minutes for follow up sessions

Teens & Adults

$140per session
  • One hour session

3 x 1 hour Pack

$120per session
  • One hour session
  • *To be completed within 1 month from 1st session

Healing for Dog

$70per session
  • 30 minutes

Distance Healing

$140per session
  • One hour session
  • Including zoom meeting

Energy & Entity Clearing Pack

$140-250per session
  • Initial info gathering 10-15 minutes via phone call /video or zoom call/ email
  • Clearing will be done remotely by Carol
  • 15-30 minutes debrief on the results via phone/video call/ email

Discovering your Innate Gifts

$140per session
  • $140 for individual session
  • $120 for existing client

It is highly recommended to engage in the 3 sessions package, 1 hour each to track progress and experience a bigger shift in energy within a month’s time.

The first session is clearing what is on the surface. The second session will go deeper into the core of the problems and the third session is integration.  In some cases, Carol will also offer extra services separately such as Clearing Home/Pet/Vehicle, finding your innate Gifts and Akashic Reading.